If you are considering letting your property for whatever reason, Letting is a very attractive option:

  • It helps pay the mortgage..
  • It keeps you on the home ownership ladder..
  • New laws make it much easier to let..
  • In many cases your income will not be taxed..

There are a number of important questions which need serious consideration before entering into any agreement:

  • How will tenants treat my house?
  • What if I suddenly need my house back?
  • How much tax will I pay on the rental income?
  • Will my building society allow me to let?

However, these questions need not be a worry to you if you entrust the letting to a competent and caring manager. Our role at Simple Lettings is residential letting; our service is personal yet professional and we take great care to understand the needs of the Landlord.


This service offers the landlord full peace of mind. It is designed for a person who has little or no involvement in the day to day running of the property. In certain cases a rent guarantee scheme is available.


We also provide a tenant finding only service where full management is not required. Full details of fees and services are provided in our Terms and conditions of Business.


We collect a deposit from the tenant to safeguard against damage. The deposit is placed with the Deposit Protection Service under new legislation which came into force April 6th 2007.


We provide information and help on rent and legal protection insurance, house building insurance and home contents insurance, all of which are important considerations when letting your home.


We will prepare a tenancy agreement under current legislation to suit your particular circumstances. ln general this will be for a period of not less than 6 months and then renewable for fixed periods or on a month to month basis. The monthly rollover basis gives you the flexibility to re-occupy the house after giving the tenant two month's notice to quit. Similarly the tenant may terminate after the initial period by giving one month's notice.


The payment of water rates, council tax, gas, electricity and telephone bills are generally the responsibility of the tenants.


You are responsible for all repairs to the property with the exception of window glass or other breakages caused by the tenants. Small repairs can be carried out by our contractors, or ones nominated by you, and their charges deducted from your account. We will always ask for instructions before commencing any large scale repairs.


Our fees for managing the property are some of the most competitive to be found. For these fees we will:.

  • Find you a suitable tenant.
  • Take up references and credit check.
  • Draw up a tenancy agreement.
  • Take a Statement of Condition (or inventory).
  • Collect the rent and account to you monthly.
  • Make regular inspections of the property and advise you all is in order.
  • Advise on any repairs that are necessary.